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Elsa Asefa ስለኛ /ኤልሳ አሰፋ/

Very energetic and very competent journalist 

The Iron Lady
 Monday: weekly food preparation , information about family issues and different family relationship story
Every other week: celebrity family life, health and psychology issues
Wednesday for the next 3 months: Family planing
Sponsor by Engender Health Ethiopia

Bisrat Sport

The renowned Ethiopian football analyst, Mensur Abdulkeni and his co-host, Girmachew Kebede, present this highly popular program “Bisrat Sport” in collaboration with Bisrat FM 101.1. The producers of this program, Mensur Abdulkeni and his co-host Girmachew Kebede made this program the venue for best and in-depth football analysis and commentary. As a result, the program has

Auto safety

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Ethiopia is currently listed on top in the number of traffic accidents. Extensive work is underway in our radio station to reduce the rate of traffic accident which is taking the lives of many Ethiopians and destroying immeasurable amount of properties. Auto Safety is one of such programs devoted to creating awareness about traffic rules and