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“Messe Resort” is a special entertainment program which was aired on September 15/2015 following the establishment of Bisrat FM 10.1.
The program is hosted by renowned journalists: Messele Mengistu, Genene Mekuria (Libro), Elsa Assefa and Bahiru Tilahun. The program is aired thrice a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 04:00 pm – 06:00 pm. The program covers several social issues for discussion as well as latest global events and it is designed to accommodate the interest of listeners from all walks of life and people found at different age and sex.
Messe Resort is the special and preferred program of Bisrat FM 101.1 radio station.



  • Monday - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Friday - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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    1. dawit

      messe resort is one of my best program in bisrat fm …it’s informative and funny keep it up

    2. Mengestu Tadesse

      I’m ready to give for 10 Childers, 12 exercise book for each one, Mengestu Tadesse

    3. Zezu

      Germa mogesachu becha yebekal

    4. robel werku

      be mejemeria selam lenante yehun. ye mese resort akerabewoch !! be kefetachut web site hulachunem lemayet betam guaguche neber enam selayewachu betam des belognal. mese , le ‘ elsi ‘ leyu feker, yeteleye adenakot ena keber new yalegn, beteley setesek betam new des metelegn. bemecheresham mese hulachunem betam new mewedachu, makebrachu edme ena tena yestachu !!!! ye hul geze ademachachu negne . ( 1 ken be mese resort lay tekafay hogne zegetachun beketatel betam des yelegnal .)

    5. zelalem

      mess ..edet nacew.. yegrmal ..yece alem yemiserana gobeze atwedem moriniw ewnet . betami selmicel. berasu selmitmamen ayewdedem beq yeclal gobezen mane yewdal . .degaf ayedlm .celotaw yasminal….berasum yetmamnal Chelsea my blood

    6. Daniel A.

      Dear all,

      I am your regular listener of your program.I really appreciate the format that your are
      following and admire your educational program.But one thing should be clear that info tip
      that you relay to your audience are of web information which people can get from internet
      where as Mr. Genene is providing us unheard histories and his voice is very catchy. He is
      really resourceful person. when he is not around, I feel like something is missed in the resort.
      In general, I do have respect for you all and especially Messe as you can be a model to others
      to accomplish big objectives like you did to set up radio station. I just come across this page
      incidentally.I simply write what I feel sorry if I come to wrong conclusions,Thank you
      very much.

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