Watch LIVE Football Match

Eger Kuasin Be Radio Temelketu

‹‹Eger Kuasin Be Radio Temelektu›› is the number one program in the country in terms of the number of listeners. The program is a pioneer in Ethiopia to start the live transmission of TV copied football matches from the English Premier League, European Matches (including the Champions League games), African Cup of Nations and The World Cup as well as the Olympic Games.

The program has remained in the heart of Ethiopians for the past seven years since the 2008 African Cup of Nations hosted by Ghana. The program is admired by listeners from all walks of life and from both sexes and it has particularly been awarded a certificate from the National Association of the Blind because it has managed to fill the gap for the blind. The program has also been recognized, appreciated and awarded by car manufacturers, regions and Ethiopians in the Diaspora.